Nobody Is Better At Their Job Than This RC Racing Pit Crew

GodDAMN was that some smoooooooooooooooth operating.

Juiced that sucker up and had him right back out in the lead lickety split. Who even coined the phrase "lickety split" in the first place? What a fucking legend. That shit has no business being a term that actual human beings ever use, yet it's been around for ages. Granted, it might be falling out of favor these days but you all still know the phrase. Someone had to invent that. And that dude is almost as much of a legend as this RC Racing pit crew. 

Again, that was just so silky smooth. They have it down to a science. The initial grab of the car was slick enough. They lost maybe half a second on the juice up. But then that release? Just launching that shit right back out onto the track and into the jump? 

Then you see that sorry sack of shit at the top of the screen having to run his car from the track over to the pit lane and you realize this is the area of the game which separates the men from the boys. And these dudes are 100% grade A certified man.