Ashton Kutcher Tears Up As He Explains Why Saying "All Lives Matter" Misses The Point

It's usually in the ordinary that the extraordinary happens. When we're looking for something deep and meaningful, we rarely find it. But the moment we stop searching, that's when those aha moments almost instantaneously happen. 

For Ashton Kutcher, that moment occurred last night during his kids' bedtime routines. He reads a story to each of his kids every night, starting first with his daughter. Except last night his son didn't want to be second, he wanted to go first. Mama Mila explained that girls go first, but Little Kutcher persisted, so Ashton explained: 

"For you and me, girls go first. And the reason why is, for some boys, girls don't get to go at all. And so for you and me, girls go first."

I'll be honest, that made me tear up. The idea that some fathers are teaching their sons the value of women and making them aware of the inequality that still plagues us, that gave me hope. Hope that maybe one day those sons will grow up to be men who change how the world views women.       

And maybe those same sons will also one day change the way minorities are viewed. Because those words - his message - directly connect to our present/ongoing racial divide, and you can see that realization all over Ashton's face. He didn't intend to make the comparison, it just happened, and it's incredibly raw, genuine, and heartfelt.

"So when it comes to Black Lives Matter, I think what folks that are writing 'all lives matter' need to understand is that for some people… for some people, black lives don't matter. So for us, black lives matter. 

So while you may have the best intentions in saying 'all lives matter,' remember, for some people black lives don't matter at all."

That right there is exactly it.