Nobody Is More Dedicated Than This Dad Who Camped Out At McDonald's For Its Reopening ... Four Days Early

[Source] - Rik Dove, 28, pitched his tent outside the fast food joint in Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts., on Sunday night hoping he'd be the first customer on Monday morning. The dad-of-five is seen smiling in a tiny pink tent in the drive-thru lane, with a child's plastic car in front of him as his "vehicle".

But Rik's hopes were crushed when he was told he had the date the wrong and the restaurant doesn't actually open until Thursday.

This is complete and utter dedication. Sure he may have been there on the wrong day (more on that in a second) but camping out in a tiny tent for McDonald's is dedication. Well that and he very well might be the most self-aware person in the world. I love this quote: 

"I was gutted. I'm a big lad and needed a Big Mac in my life. I thought it [opened on Monday] so I've not managed to get one as of yet.

My man just wanted a Big Mac. But more importantly he's a dad of FIVE. You know what he wanted? Peace and quiet. There's no doubt in my mind this guy heard McDonald's was opening up at some point and just volunteered quickly to go camp out. Even when he found out he was there 4 days early he probably caught at least a quick nap in. That's just what happens when you're a dad. 

I can't imagine being in quarantine with 5 kids. I have one and it's been long days always running around making sure he's not crying and eating and everything along those lines. Multiplied by 5? Yeah I'm camping out for a Big Mac too. Although that's not the correct order. Carl posed the question

Don't hate that order. I lean towards their sweet Tea and you NEED fries in there. Personally I exchange the Big Mac + bonus cheeseburger out for a double cheeseburger (no ketchup) and would go 10 piece instead to get the same high calorie intake. 

PS: Did every kid since the 80s have that orange and yellow car? That's a staple.