I Have No Idea How To Feel About Alex Ovechkin Being the Judge And Letting That Ugly Chick Win The Moscow Beauty Contest

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The newly crowned Miss Moscow has been faced with accusations of rigging after being branded ‘too ugly’ to have won the title.
Irina Alexeyeva (18), a ballerina, won the coveted beauty title last week night and has received cruel backlash on social media over her appearance. She has been subjected to callous taunts about her appearance and many have also compared her to Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst. Despite her tall and slender appearance, ballet background and her fine arts studies at the Moscow College of Fine Arts, many social media users have been ‘ugly-shaming’ her. Head judge Alex Ovechkin defended their decision, saying that Alexeyeva was the front runner for the title from the beginning. “In my opinion everything went very well, very lovely,” he said. “For us, the judges on the panel, it was one hundred percent clear who the winner was.”


Kmarko blogged this earlier but I had to chime in because it’s been eating away at me. I have no idea how to make sense of this. Up is left and down is right, squares are rectangles and rectangles are squares. The Caps are paying this guy approximately a trillion dollars. And he lets this girl win the beauty contest? This is troubling. This says more than +/- or backchecking or anything ever could. For the first time I’m legitimately worried about him. Maybe his bell has been rung a few too many times?

Actually no. I figured it out now. It’s just all a troll job he’s doing. Like in his head he thinks it’s a funny joke to let this chick win. And I’m cool with that. That’s what it has to be, I’m now convinced of it. It’s like when I said au naturale is spanish and the comment section jizzed themselves trying to correct me. I think that’s what Ovi is doing here. It has to be. Picking the uggo to win just so he can sit back and watch the panic ensue.