More Sports! The MLS Avoided A Lockout And Reached A Deal To Start Playing With A 26-Team Tournament In Orlando

Fuck. Yes. More sports are coming back and I couldn't be happier. Hold on let me get ahead of this 'who cares about soccer.' 'You said sports are returning soccer isn't a sport.' Kindly fuck off. Really this just shows how it's amazing the MLB hasn't been able to figure anything out yet. Every other sport has some sort of plan in place now. 

For the MLS - this was big. They were actually nearing a lockout because the owners wanted to enforce a force majuere clause linked to attendance. Obviously that was a huge sticking point with the lack of confidence in having fans at matches for the foreseeable future. 

How about Disney World/Orlando though? All of a sudden that's the hotbed for sports in 2020 (via The Athletic)

As it stands, the plan would see players will return to the fields in a made-for-TV tournament at Disney’s ESPN Wide World of Sports complex outside of Orlando. Teams will fly to Florida on or around June 24th and train for two weeks before the start of the competition. The tournament will include three group-stage games, which will count toward the regular season, as well as a knockout round. The exact specifics of the knockout round (format, prizes, etc.) were not clear to The Athletic at publication. According to a source, the league will create a $1 million prize pool and will help fund philanthropic efforts in teams’ home markets.  

That actually sounds awesome. Get a little World Cup feel and a knockout round. Granted I'm a casual MLS fan since I worked for the Red Bulls back in the day - shout out Claudio Reyna, Juan Pablo Angel, Jozy Altidore and Clint Mathis - I'm way more interested in watching something like this. It's just different than a regular season match which I get is hard to give full attention to. Also a real nice touch with the $1 million pool to help fund some charity. 

We're starting to get back to having sports in our lives and that's just awesome. I know I've been clicking around the TV to find something every day and night and honestly feel like I'm running out of shows. Give me a loaded sports calendar where I can have hoops, soccer and baseball (at some point) on my TVs at the same time. 

So shout out the MLS for getting this done. I never thought I'd want to be in Disney World in July more than I do right now with MLS and NBA there. Now let's get this shit going and let's go win a damn tournament FC Cincinnati.