Is Finally Getting A Warzone Win At 6:30AM After Streaming For 19 Hours Is Better Than Winning A Super Bowl?

No.  No it isn't better than winning the Super Bowl.  But, fuck, for real though...YOOOOOOOOOOO ADRIAN!!!!! I DID IT!!!!!!!!

The other day the General and I WERE Rocky Balboa. 2 lowlife trash bags minding their own business who at the drop of a hat were handed the challenge of a lifetime. Rocky Balboa was offered out of the blue to fight world champion Apollo Creed while me and the General randomly decided to play the new Warzone Duos until we won a game. We started at 1pm and the next 19 hours were our Apollo Creed.

This was our Rocky 1. 2nd place thanks to me getting stuck in a chair on a crane on a 2v2. Thanks a lot, Activision. This was around 11:30pm.

We had to trek along for 7 more hours before getting a win. That was our 3 years between Rocky 1 & Rocky 2. Around 3am the tiredness kicked in. It was a struggle until about 5am when I decided to go get some ice cold watermelon I had upstairs to reinvigorate the ole body and reinvigorate it did it. Within an hour and a half we had the win in our sights. 

And THAT was our Rocky 2. The 19 hours was worth it. A beatdown for the victory was poetic. Beautiful. Like I said earlier…


And now we're back at it again.  JOIN UP!!!