No Matter How Many Times I Watch "Free Solo" I'm Pretty Sure I Will Be Nervous Every Time


First things first. If you haven't seen "Free Solo" by now, please go do it. It's on Disney Plus, and if you don't have that, I'm sure it's elsewhere on the Internet and I'm sure Alex Honnold could not give a fuck less where you watch this film, as long as you watch it. I cannot, and I want to stress this, I cannot recommend it enough. In 2018 it won my 3rd annual "Documentary of the Year" award


And apparently it won some other award known commonly as the "Oscar".



Last night I got bored so I signed up for the Disney Plus/Hulu/ESPN+ bundle (shout out to my ex-gf, I will no longer be using your Hulu account, RIPIP) and first thing I did was click on Free Solo. Yes, Ratatouille was tempting, but it'd been a minute since I gave Free Solo a view (months!) so I loaded it up and man, every time, it's nerve-racking. 

Every time I blog about this doc I don't want to give away the inner-details of it, but every time I am blown away. It's just so perfectly done. Plus, it's inspiring as fuck. Alex Honnold does as close to "the impossible" as it gets. As far as human athletic achievement goes, this is number 1, and I'm not sure it's even debatable until someone like, flaps their arms and flies. 


Look at that picture. Just straight up a wall with no ropes. 

So if you haven't watched this doc yet, buckle in. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll sweat, you'll shake nervously, you'll feel inspired, you'll feel worthless, you'll tell yourself you're going to get off the couch and do something tomorrow, you won't get off the couch and do something tomorrow, but you'll be a better person for having seen this documentary. And if you have seen it, give it another go. Shit, it might fuck around and win my 2020 Documentary of the Year award if it's not careful.