The NBA Owners List Of Plans To Reward Homecourt Advantage When The Playoffs Start Is Beyond Stupid - Here's How To Fix It

[Source] - The higher-seeded team being awarded the first possession of the second, third and fourth quarters, following the traditional jump ball to begin the game

  • The higher-seeded team being allowed to designate one player to be able to be whistled for seven fouls instead of six before fouling out

  • The higher-seeded team receiving an extra coach's challenge

  • The higher-seeded teams being able to transport their actual hardwood home court from their home arenas to Orlando to try to preserve the feel of their home playing experience

  • An off-court feature in which playoff teams, in order of seeding 1-16, receive first choice on picking which hotel they will stay at in the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and Disney World Resort. ESPN is owned by the Walt Disney Co.

The NBA is going to be voting tomorrow on restarting with 22 teams in Orlando. It seems to be the favorite option and what's likely going to pass along with this calendar change: 

So we now have an idea of what the timeline is shaping up to be and how many teams are going to be there. But I started reading more of the article and saw that NBA owners want to revamp homecourt advantage somehow with everyone playing in Orlando. Makes sense to me. Reward teams with better records somehow, someway, even in these sort of times. 

But this list? This list sucks. Designate a player to get 7 fouls instead of 6 actually wasn't bad because it's so outrageous. Obviously everyone just picks their star player for this so they don't even have to think about foul trouble. But I'd like to think someone would give it to the team goon and tell them to go use 7 fouls like John Chaney back in the day. An extra challenge is the last thing we need. Bringing in their own hardwood? Okay, that's a step in the right direction but still need to see how the setup is. How many courts are they using? How many back-to-backs are there? 

And finally picking your hotel. You know what? Fuck it. I can get down with that but make the draft live because why the hell not? Let the Barstool Chicago guys do the draft and pray for whatever team that Chief is drafting for. Need them to have a hotel scout and come with scouting reports. Yes, I might be staved for sports and drafts.

But like my headline said, this list sucks and I'm here to fix it. It's pretty clear to me what should be done first. 

- Let the teams pick who they play in the first round. Televise it, send captains and everything. But let the teams with the best record pick their opponent and keep going down until it's filled. Not only that but let them place where they want to be in the bracket. If the Bucks want to avoid the Lakers until the Finals, let them pick opposite. Why not? Nothing about what's going to happen in the restart is going to be normal, so try different shit out. 

- Let the team pick sound in the arena. That's as much of a homecourt advantage as anything else. Pipe in crowd noise and make it loud at certain times. Put an approved team member (preferably the 12th man on the bench) in control and let him control the music, noise, etc. Make it feel like a home game. The piped in sound actually doesn't sound too weird for Bundesliga games. 

There you go, two easy fixes to really give homecourt advantage. That said I am curious to see how the NBA and really every other sport comes back with a restart. As much as I hate change in sports, I'm for trying different shit during these times. Get weird with it.