A Group of People Are Walking Around Philadelphia With a Basketball Hoop Asking Others To Play And Break The Tension

I realize Big T just blogged this too. That's fine, reblogs happen when you're writing at the same time. The message is the same in both that this is awesome. 

Man if that's not the most wholesome thing you've seen all day I don't know what is. Just a group of people trying to bring everyone together for a second and have them take a deep breath. I love this move so fucking much. 

Center City in Philly has been one of the more popular spots for protests and as you can assume the tensions are very high right now. This is a very uncomfortable time for everyone involved, but we're starting to have the conversations we need to in order to change the way we live as people for the better. Most of us are listening and learning which is fantastic to see. That's all I've been trying to do the last few days. Good people out there like Khalil Gardner and the others not named with him are doing their best to ease the tensions. They're doing a helluva job. He's even got sanitizer with him. 

Now is this basketball hoop going to solve racism by itself? Of course not, but what it can do is provide us with another one of those small victories that Arian Foster brought up on Monday's PMT. Help remind us that we're all human beings and can be united. Sports have a crazy way of doing that no matter the circumstance. Sometimes a hoop and a ball can go a long way.

 Listen. Learn. Communicate. Great fucking stuff Khalil Gardner.

P.S. I would absolutely brick my jump shot. Would be a miracle if I hit the rim actually.