How Coach Duggs Became The Best Coach In The Country: Behind The Scenes Footage

Coach Duggs is a really weird “worlds colliding” feeling for me because in all my years of gaming and social media use, I have never seen anything like this. Tens of thousands of people flock to Pardon My Takes stream in the midst of a pandemic to watch a man in his mid 30s with no gaming history play NCAA 14 on an Xbox 360...There is and will never be anything quite like Coach Duggs. I found myself immediately invested. It was amusing, watching this wildly successful man struggle against the computer playing MACtion games. It was hilarious to watch him take the FSU job and watch the fandom grow around Duggs. To be completely honest, it was also VERY funny to watch the chat absolutely eviscerate Big Cat with chirps and insults, I didn’t think he cared about losing as long as it was funny. It was doing so well with concurrent views and clearly a very profitable media stunt for Big Cat. I envisioned this as a pit stop in his career, just another home run as usual, but then I saw it...That fiery look in his eyes, it’s like a flick switched and as a gamer, an athlete, a KNOW that look. He wanted to win, he wanted to win BAD. I started to ask myself why? Why does a man who has seemingly everything, respect, success, longevity, want to win in NCAA 14 so bad? 

For a couple weeks I had been casually texting tips and helpful points with the game, I had just launched my own gaming career and was heavily invested in myself, but there was one game specifically that shifted everything. The Texas Tech vs Kansas State game. Gunnar Wesson (Patrick Mahomes) threw 5 interceptions and made terrible read after read. That was honestly expected of a Duggs team at the time, a lot of TDs a lot of picks, that’s not what hurt me...I felt like I was the reason we lost. 

I watched that game live with my watch party, I felt so empty after that failed two point conversion. I knew the season was going to be a disappointment, things were just different now that he was the Head Coach! The fire had been lit under Duggs, but THAT moment, it was lit under ME. That night I rewatched the game with my girlfriend at 4 am after streaming and decided it was time to truly invest everything I could into making Duggs as good as he could be and help him reach his full potential. I went to the basement and grabbed the ps3 and NCAA 14 on the desk and hooked it up. I began playing exhibition games on Heisman as Texas Tech using Duggs playbook, instructing my girlfriend to record me as I broke down plays in the Instant Replays. 

The goal was to not change Duggs style, because both of us play the game very differently. I wanted to keep his style intact and sharpen his game while not diluting it, all the tools were there, he had the natural talent that new gamers didn’t usually have and when he started to learn, the results were literally instantaneous. it became an addicting feeling. I would turn my watch parties on and inform my followers of all the Duggs installs Big Cat and I had done, all the film we watched, what was gonna be better, what we worked on, Duggs was evolving before our eyes and my stream had a backstage pass. His constant desire to improve was so motivating, I’d watch him pump out an entire day of content on my twitter feed literally nonstop, Radio, Podcast, Live Stream and after all of it I’d receive texts about Duggs, he didn’t stop. I would stream live on Twitch playing Warzone for 10-12 hours, get off at 4am and go right to Duggs playing NCAA. I really have to give credit where it’s due, my girl recorded easily 60+ videos for us (a lot of bloopers) and never complained. We would usually finish filming around 5-6 am ish and I’d wake up to texts from him analyzing, asking questions, discussing what he ran in practice etc. 

The Oklahoma game right after the Kansas State loss was the moment I knew, oh we’re close...

I hope to publish a weekly blog series showing all the work Big Cat and I do behind the scenes to keep Duggs the #1 coach in the country. Live on Twitch now for the SEC Championship game >