Hard Factor Radio 6/2: First Ever Listener Debate

Today's Episode of Hard Factor Radio featured the top stories of the day including President Trump's address yesterday afternoon, 

Biden has his answer to generating change in Law Enforcement and it starts with new training,

and that bitch Carole Baskin has been awarded Joe Exotic's Zoo after a legal dispute.  

Other top stories include the Protests and Riots that continue across the nation, #BlackoutTuesday, and George Floyd's family reveals the autopsy reports.  

After the top stories, the guys brought on the first two members of the Hardo Hive to debate today's topics, Dr. LickaDeez and Confused Kyle.  

Today's Topics:

-Assisted Suicide

-Social media censorship 

-Should Chick-fil-a be able to remain closed on Sundays.  

Hard Factor Radio returns Thursday for a new episode and a new debate next Tuesday.  

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