Alex Caruso Had A Great Response To A Twitter Troll Telling Him To "Just Dribble"

Alex Caruso was already a fan favorite out in LA well before he sent this tweet. Even if you think all the love isn't really warranted because he isn't a star, he's actually better than you think. A legit defender and someone who knows his role and fits well with how the Lakers play. But none of that really matters here. This is also certainly not the first time we've heard people, especially anonymous Twitter trolls, tell athletes to shut up and dribble. The same could be said when it comes to celebrities as well. You can go about this a couple different ways, and in my opinion both are rather awesome. You can go the Seth Rogan route and just tell everyone to go fuck themselves

or you can go the route Caruso chose and just absolutely dunk on this asshole without being the least bit disrespectful. Even if you don't agree with what Caruso said in his initial tweet, the idea that athletes should just shut up and dribble and not use their platform to speak out against social injustice is something my brain will never comprehend. You don't always have to agree with what another person says, but just because someone might be an athlete, a doctor, a teacher, a blogger, whatever the case may be doesn't mean they shouldn't be allowed the same rights to speak their mind. That freedom of speech is something I'm sure every single one of these trolls want for themselves. We don't get to decide who can and cannot speak about certain issues. If anything we should be commending athletes that are choosing to use their platform to speak out. Just because you may not agree doesn't mean they should stop talking. Grow up. 

Now obviously it's easier said than done to simply ignore these type of Twitter trolls. Any type of public figure has certainly seen their fair share. I just think it's awesome that Caruso found the perfect way to stuff this dude in a locker while not adding more fuel to the fire. He found a creative way to promptly tell that troll to shut the fuck up without being disrespectful. Hard to find a better type of response than that.