Supermodel Carol Alt is Simply Not Playing Fair at Age 59

Page Six -  She’s young at heart — and body!

Former supermodel Carol Alt flaunted her incredible physique at 59 years old in a nearly nude photo she shared on Instagram Wednesday as part of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s #SwimsuitIconChallenge.

Last week, the magazine blasted out the dare to their followers on Instagram, asking them to recreate their favorite swimsuit cover photos to submit for the challenge.

Alt, a 1982 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover girl herself, recreated Marisa Miller’s 2008 cover photo that shows her topless, with nothing but an assortment of necklaces covering up her nipples and a barely-there bikini bottom.

[Takes a long drag off a cigarette. Dramatic pause. Slowly exhales.] Carol Alt? Now that's a name I haven't heard in years.

For the uninitiated, pull up a stool, buy me a drink and let The OK Boomer explain. Carol Alt is the product of a time when magazines were putting the "super" in "supermodel." Bold, pioneering women who were willing to take chances and push the boundaries of everything we knew about getting your picture taken in a bathing suit. For them, no look was too daring. No tropical sunset too gorgeous to stand in front of. No pose too awkward. It was back during a simpler day, when the SI Swimsuit Issue was still relevant and a model showing the mildest, safest T&A in Playboy would become a national sensation.

Still, Alt was never the No. 1, never out of the Top 10. At a time when it was mandated by law that Cindy Crawford appear on the cover of at least one magazine at every supermarket checkout in the land, but Carol was on one just once in a while. While Christy Brinkley was marrying Billy Joel and Paulina Porzikova was marrying Ric Ocasek of The Cars, Carol was marrying Rangers defenseman Ron Greschner. When Kathy Ireland was on the beer poster every guy had on his wall and starring alongside Scott Bakula and Jason Bateman in "Necessary Roughness" as a placekicker, Carol was starring opposite Hulk Hogan on "Thunder in Paradise," a TV show whose title character was a speedboat. 

If I could compare her to an athlete, I'd say she's Craig Biggio. Never the best or most celebrated player. Probably nobody ever bought a ticket just to watch him play. But was so steady and consistently good that after a while you realized you had been watching a Hall of Fame career all along. The difference is, Biggio wasn't hitting bombs into his late, late 50s like Carol Alt is.

With all due respect to Elizabeth Hurley, and I have enormous respect for Elizabeth Hurley, this is what she needs to aspire to. Carol has five full years on her. This is what she can only dream of looking like in 2025. At an age where Alt could be forgiven if she's wearing sweats and an XL Carole Baskin animal print t-shirt to WalMart, she looks like she's just been thawed out of a hypersleep she was put in sometime around 1987. 

And in doing so, Carol's just issued a challenge for all of us Boomers. What she's pulling off seems metahuman. But what one person can do, another can do. So if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go skip lunch and work out. But first I'll need a little alone time.