Putin's Sly Ass May Have Tricked the Russians to Keep Him in Power Forever

I don't know man, something about this seems a little fishy...

You'd think something like this wouldn't take effect until the guy sending it to vote was gone, right? Not in Russia, apparently; which honestly sounds par for the course.  

The amendment to the constitution has successfully passed Parliament, and now makes its' way to the people.  Initially scheduled for April 22nd, it was delayed for Coronavirus concerns until July 1st and is still facing a possible delay that is being petitioned for by Russia's Anti-Corruption Foundation.  Their Attorney, Lyubov Sobol, who I'm assuming has an incredibly busy job said, "Let everyone get infected, just so long as the granddad in the Kremlin is satisfied?"  Surprisingly, he survived.  

Putin, who is on the second of his back-to-back six-year term, is set to give up power in 2024.  Instead, the Russian people may see his name on the ballot yet again come election time. Putin has been President since 2012 and previously held the position from 1999 to 2008.  If the vote on July 1st passes, Vladdy Daddy's term limit counter would be fully reset to zero, allowing him to stay President until 2036, at the age of 83 where I'm sure he'll do the same thing over again.  

"I really hope the country's citizens will take part actively in the vote on the amendments to the constitution," said Putin in a televised address. 

Short and sweet, I know.  But if you're Vladimir Putin, that's all you have to say to assure you're essentially re-elected until the end of time... 

The real quote actually ended with "...if you value your life." But I'm sure that was scrubbed to make the article more kid-friendly. 

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