UPDATE - Former Indiana Football Player And All Around Great Guy Chris Beaty Killed While Trying To Help Two Woman Being Robbed This Weekend In Downtown Indianapolis

SI- Chris Beaty was a Hoosier through and through. He grew up in Indianapolis, went to Cathedral High School, played college football at Indiana from 2000 to 2003 and has been a vibrant part of the Indianapolis community ever since.

But over the weekend he was killed during the violence in downtown Indianapolis that started as a protest over the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer in Minneapolis. The news of Beaty's death has shattered many people in and around the state.

He was loved that way.

Indianapolis police confirmed Sunday to the Indianapolis Star that one arrest has been made in connection to the fatal shootings, but officials did not say which shooting the suspect was involved in.

Indiana football coach Tom Allen released on statement on Beaty late Monday morning. It read:

"I am at a loss for words. The news of the passing of Chris Beaty is just devastating. Since I returned home to coach at Indiana, Chris embraced me, encouraged me, and supported me! His passion for life and Indiana football energized me every time we were together.

"He was one of our first alumni that displayed his unwavering support for what we are building here at Indiana and how we are building it. I am so heartbroken for his family and he will be deeply missed by all those that were blessed to call him a friend. #LEO

Beaty's head coach during his first two years at Indiana, Cam Cameron, also sent out a message on how much he cared for his defensive lineman.

"... I think I can speak for everyone in our locker room as well as Indiana University that we all loved Chris. Chris was a great person and teammate, a leader, someone who always put others, black or white, before himself.

"Unfortunately, from what I've been told, it cost him his life as he was returning home from helping someone else get home safely during the riots before he was shot. He was everything we as Hoosiers hope to inspire in others.

He graduated from Cathedral High School in 2000. Beaty played on the school’s football team, which won 4A state championships in 1996, 1998 and 1999.

Former IU basketball standout Eric Gordon tweeted about Beaty overnight: “R.I.P. Chris Beaty. Was a great guy, we had some good times at IU. You will be truly missed bro.”

I'm blogging this because I know how many lives Chris touched and how many friends he had not just in the Bloomington and Indianapolis areas, but around the country. 

I heard the news yesterday and couldn't believe it. 

When I found out that he was on his way home, from walking friends that had been out peacefully protesting that were scared, it made sense. That was Chris. He was always looking out for other people and asking how could he help. He was truly a class act.

He was all about his family and his friends. He was charismatic, smart, and an incredible entrepreneur. And he will be missed dearly.

------- UPDATE 1:15 Central ------

It seems Chris was indeed being a good samaritan. 

This from a post from friend and former teammate Brandon Mosely -

A police officer told me Chris Beaty tried to help 2 Females that were getting robbed near his car shortly before midnight on Talbott St.

A Witness stated they heard Chris plead "No please don't do this, There has to be a Better way." Before 3-4 shots were fired.

The 3 Shell casings we found today were to the right of the first Blood drops we found.

His keys to his house and car are missing. Along with his iPhone, the number to that phone is - 812-219-1187.

If you were in that part of downtown near Vermont and Talbott St. or knew of anyone around there.

Please contact IMPD if hear anything that can help on these 2 Suspects wherabouts.
P: 317-327-3811
Case IP#200052946


Just awful.

The Indy Star did a great job highlighting how amazing of a person Chris was.