EYEBALLS EMOJI: A Judge DENIED Zion's Stay And Will Allow Discovery Into Whether Or Not He Received Extra Benefits To Go To Duke

This is the exact tweet why I like to think the eyeballs emoji was invented. We are a step closer (although still a long shot) into Zion having to take oath and admit whether or not he received extra benefits to attend Duke. Now I say it's a long shot because Daniel Wallach tweets this out: 

Remember this all stems from him breaking a sports marketing contract with Gina Ford to sign with CAA. She's stating that he/someone in his family received extra benefits to go to Duke which would make him ineligible. It also means that he wouldn't have been an amateur which is a clause in North Carolina law. 

Unfortunately it sounds like that rat K is going to catch another pass thanks to a loophole like this. I can't stress this enough. I DON'T GIVE A SHIT IF ZION GOT EXTRA BENEFITS OR PAID. I don't care if any athlete did. This is strictly so everyone knows that K is just like every single other coach in America. He's not 'clean'. He bends the rules. Just because he's escaped from loopholes in the NCAA doesn't change anything. 

Plus it's not like they won shit with Zion. What are they gonna do? Strip them of an Elite 8? It's not like kids would be hurt here. Shit, Zion wouldn't be hurt at all here. So spare me anything like that. I just want all those Duke fucking losers that preach about how K is moral and would never cheat to shut the fuck up. 

Coach K is a fantastic coach as well as a tremendous dickhead and sore loser, if everyone would just openly admit those things along with him bending the rules like everyone else can all exist together and stop pretending this guy is a saint, the world would be a better place.

As always, fuck Duke.