RIP To Louisville Legend And NBA Hall Of Famer Wes Unseld

Man just another hoops legend gone in 2020. Wes Unseld might be the most forgotten about great player when we start listing all-time greats. Look at this list of highlights and achievements from his career: 

Winning Rookie of the Year and MVP in the same year is absolutely outrageous. 

He's a guy that was born in Louisville, went to high school in Louisville, went to college in Louisville and is the best player to be born in the state. He also used the outlet pass as a weapon. Remember, this is the guy that everyone would say when it came to Kevin Love when he was starting his career whipping around outlet passes. 

Can we please get the Wizards back to those jerseys and even the Bullets name? Those are iconic. There's a reason they haven't won a title since Wes Unseld and it's mostly due to not wearing those jerseys premaritally. Arguably most importantly about Unseld though was he was the first black person to receive a scholarship offer from Adolph Rupp: 

RIP to an absolute hoops and state of Kentucky legend.