BBC Came Out With Their Top 10 Moments In Natural History

...Back in April.  But IDGAF some people are just now being made aware of that.

You ever go down youtube rabbit holes? I do all the time and it happens 10000x more when I'm drinking alone in quarantine. Mostly I'll it happens with music but here and there I'll stumble upon a few nature videos and get lost in them. This video above happened in one of those instances and it's what we're waking up with today.

Look, the country is on fire. Nobody is *actually* working and if you are, you're only physically working. Your brain is doing it's best to pretend you're on an island somewhere.  If you're the latter, here's 30 mins of fucked up and astounding nature events for you to watch. That's what I'm doing this morning and that's what you should do too. I mean this bird PERFECTLY imitates a chainsaw just to get laid. 

It's incredible!!! Hope this guy got it in. He deserves it.  


- Polar bears attacking cameramen in their huts (thumbnail GIF)
- monkeys having funerals for each other
- praying mantis cannabalism
- and of course, the best scene in the history of TV....

Don't tell Dente but this is on my plate for the majority of the day unless baseball news breaks.