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HBO Is Reportedly Remastering The Wire And Will Start Airing The Entire Series Starting September 8th


UK Telegraph- HBO are remastering the entire series of The Wire for broadcast, it is believed. Despite no official statement from the American cable channel, reports suggest that HD versions of every episode will be aired on a nightly basis from next Monday (September 8). The iconic series ran for five seasons from 2002 to 2008 and offered a bird’s eye view of life on the streets of Baltimore, with each season focusing on a different facet of the city. The series starred British actors Dominic West as Detective Jimmy McNulty and Idris Elba as Stringer Bell. Despite receiving average ratings upon its original airing, The Wire is considered to be one of the greatest TV dramas of all time. Rumours of the rebroadcast began surfacing at the weekend when a 30-second trailer reportedly began airing across HBO’s channels. It has not been made clear whether the series, produced in 4×3 standard definition, will become available in widescreen following the HD remastering. Speaking before the final season in 2008, director of photography Dave Insley said, “The reason the show has stayed 4×3 is because [creator] David Simon thinks that [it] feels more like real life and real television.”


Is this happening or is it not happening?  Depends on what news source you go to.  Some are saying it’s for sure happening and others are saying it’s for sure not happening.  The promo above might even be fake.  I don’t have an answer for whether it’s real or not.  Creator David Simon has always said he doesn’t want the show remastered in HD because it works better the way it is.  More real life-looking and gritty. Maybe he’s right and maybe he’s wrong.  All I know is that I hope the remastering talk is true.  Not so much because I give a shit about if it’s in HD or not.  I like it the way it is.  But if HBO starts re-airing all of the episodes again that means people who have never seen the show will tune in and watch it and that’s all that matters.  Everyone with a pulse should have to watch The Wire.  Everyone.  It needs to be mandatory.  Like learning that 2+2 equals 4, people should be forced to sit down and watch The Wire in its entirety.  It’s that important.  It’s the greatest show ever made.  The show is like a crash course on how the world actually works with entertaining characters and plot lines mixed in.  You can have you Breaking Bads and your Sopranos.  They don’t hold a candle to the The Wire.  I’ll ride with Bunk and McNulty over Walt and Jesse every day of the week.  And I like Breaking Bad a whole lot.  It’s fantastic.  But The Wire is my jam.  So if this turns out to be true and HBO does start re-airing the entire series starting on September 8th, I demand you sit down and watch it.  That’s an order.


PS- My roommate recently started watching The Wire so there’s a bunch of On-Demand episodes on the DVR.  Sometimes when I’m sitting around I’ll randomly pick an episode and put it on for background noise.  Well within 10 minutes of every time I do that I’m sitting on my couch fully into the episode like it’s my first time seeing it.  I fucking love that show.