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Today In Raidersland: Rookie WR Henry Ruggs Reportedly Punctured His Thigh While Helping A Friend Move

Shout out Henry Ruggs for making sure that we still got injuries that only happen to baseball players while baseball players spend all their time trying to negotiate their shortened season on Zoom. I would say the Raiders losing their first round pick whose biggest asset is speed to a serious puncture wound while moving for a friend would be peak Raiders. However simply being not only the first team to pick a receiver in a STACKED receiver draft but also picking the one known for his crazy speed was already peak Raiders. This all feels much more Jetsy or Brownsy or even Giantsy since reading about a receiver almost puncturing his femoral artery gave me flashbacks of Plaxico Burress ruining my Thanksgiving break in 2008 and the Giants rolling over teams on the way to back-to-back Super Bowls that I will go to my grave believing. 

Luckily everything is alright or at least close enough to alright that he's on crutches instead of in a hospital bed.

Which takes me to my next point. Can the NFL start a Rookie Friend Symposium next year? Because while I get that moving sucks and paying movers is expensive, the only thing worse than having to deal with all that is to seriously injure your buddy who is good enough friends with you to help you move. Did this guy not have ANY other friends that don't have millions of dollars riding on their body being healthy? Ask the shlub friend that wants to be a professional blogger to move instead of the world class athlete. It may take a little longer because he's comically out of shape and cost you a 6 pack with a pie of pizza. But at least you aren't potentially ruining a chance of being the Turtle to your superstar athlete millionaire friend's Vinny Chase in Vegas. Because if I know anything about Henry Ruggs it's that he's ridiculously fast, apparently an even better friend, and maybe a better businessman than everything else.