Double-Digit Wins? Coach Duggs and Tennessee Set for Road Tilt With Missouri Tonight

After the biggest win of the season (resumé wise), Coach Gus Duggerton and the No. 2 Tennessee Volunteers (9-0, 5-0) continue their road trip tonight in Columbia, Missouri. 

This game comes less than 24 hours after a thrilling finish vs. Alabama. At this point, everyone knows about what they are saying is "The Call Heard Around The World," when Coach Duggs rolled the dice and successfully went for two in OT vs. the Crimson Tide.

But now, the big question remains: Will this be a hangover game for the Vols? Can the Missouri Tigers spoil what has been a dream season up to this point?

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We are officially in the home stretch of the regular season. Three games left, and two of them are on the road. The pressure will certainly rise as we march closer to the postseason, but is Coach Duggs up for the challenge?

As you can see in his tweet above, he admits this will not be a cakewalk by any means. He is taking Missouri 100% seriously, and let's just hope Caleb Pressley, Rico Burgerton, and JoJo Smalls can relay that message to the rest of the players, too.

It's a bit of an earlier start this evening, as we get things rolling at 8 PM ET. We'll see you then.