DeSean Jackson Wants NFL Players Wearing Mics If There Are No Fans And We Need This To Happen No Matter What

[Source] - "I think they should [mike up players]. They should give fans the [insight] to see what really goes on between the white lines," Jackson said on teammate Lane Johnson's "Outside the Lane" podcast. "It gets crazy, bro. I know in the trenches it gets crazy. And I know on the outside it gets crazy, too, the conversations we go back and forth on."

I never, ever thought I'd agree with DeSean Jackson or any Eagle for that fact. But times are a changing. This is just an absolute no-brainer decision for the NFL. If they can't have fans in the stands we need to see something different. Don't get me wrong, I'd be pumped up just to see sports on my TV and watch football, but if you're throwing in the addition of players wearing mics? Yep.

We've seen it work with baseball and the pitch for more guys wearing mics there too: 

Here's the thing. We need to find a way to get this without any censor. Provide that on RedZone or whatever. Just give us a way to watch this with true shit talking. I don't want to hear bleeps. I don't want any of that. Let me hear what's actually being said as these dudes beat the hell out of each other. 

I've said it before but while we do need sports announcers, they aren't as important anymore. We have Twitter to follow along to see analysis from literally anyone we want. You can listen to home team radio with ease now. There are a million other solutions if you don't like what you hear. But this? This you can't get anywhere. That's why we need guys miked up.