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Kelly Olynk Reports That Dougie Hamilton Broke His Ribs Annnd Whoops, Shouldn't Have Done That





Kelly noooooooooo! I know you fancy yourself a hockey player now that you’re tough and all, but one thing you need to learn about hockey culture is that injuries are not talked about. They’re not mentioned in dark corners or discussed in any way at all. You break your ribs? That’s an undisclosed upper body injury. You lose a leg? That’s a day to day lower body injury. Those are just the rules, especially with the playoffs around the corner. Now when Dougie comes back for the second round (I got my WebMD on, 4-6 week injury. He’s been out since March 21. Getting back for the playoffs might be setting the bar a little high but I’ll be impressed as all hell if Dougie does it. Although I guess Bergy did play with about 1000 injuries a few years ago) he’s gonna have to wear a flak jacket or an Iron Man costume because you just put a bull’s eye on his rib cage.