The Creators Of Blue Mountain State Tried To Get Stories For The Show By Getting Ed Marinaro (Coach Daniels) Drunk And Talk About His Playing Days

[Source] - They got on the phone with former players. They often tried to get Marinaro liquored up to spill some of his tales, and later when players such as Bill Romanowski and Brian Bosworth made appearances, Falconer and Romano would listen to their unbelievable stories and take notes. There were stories of partying, pranks and encounters with women.

“Honestly, most of the stories we got from other college football players were too wild for the show,” Falconer said. “We had a lot of people pitching us stuff that we were like, ‘Wow, we could never put that on TV.’”

This article was fascinating talking about the rise of Blue Mountain State and really how it just became a classic thanks to Netflix. I'm someone who loves shows like this. Give me dumb humor and comedy every day of the week. Just my personal taste. I enjoy laughing and not having to think when it comes to a show or movie. 

And with Blue Mountain State I sure as shit didn't have to think during it. But I love this story of how the creators tried to get stories for the show. Ed Marinaro - Coach Marty Daniels - was a Heisman runner up. He set 16 NCAA records. He played in a Super Bowl. Obviously he has stories for days. So what did they do? Get him liquored up and try to get him to share stories. That's exactly how they should have done it. 

What I love even more than though is there were stories so outrageous that they couldn't use it in the show. Remember, this is a show that seemed to have no boundaries. There didn't seem to be a line they wouldn't cross or joke they wouldn't make. They were pushing the limits. Shit, even Thad Castle dared them to write something he wouldn't do. 

Take the character of Thad Castle, the star linebacker who became the titular character in the 2015 movie “Blue Mountain State: Rise of Thadland.” Actor Alan Ritchson often went to the writers, saying, “I dare you to write something I wouldn’t do.” It became a constant challenge for them to meet.

These are just some of the things they came up with: 

Just imagine the stories that Brian fucking Bosworth had at Oklahoma. I just assume they took shit from him and turned it into Thad Castle. I don't even care or think it's a hot take, he's just one of the funniest characters in TV for me. Him squeal screaming and the cocaine bit always make me laugh.