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Texas Bar Owner Zigs While Everyone Else Zags, BANS People Wearing Masks From Coming Into Bar


A Texas tavern said this week it will not serve customers who wear coronavirus protective face masks, according to a report.

Oh hell yeah! This guy, this guy gets it.

Do you know how long this guy has been trying to stick it to coronavirus? Probably since this whole thing kicked off and it closed his bar down for like a couple of weeks. Since then, the owner has more than likely been plotting his revenge on coronavirus. What's the best way to get back at coronavirus for shutting everything down? No masks.

That'll really teach the airborne virus.

The Liberty Tree Tavern, located in Elgin — about 25 miles east of Austin — posted a sign that read: “Due to our concern for customers, if they FEEL (not think), that they need to wear a mask, they should stay home until they FEEL that it’s safe to be in public without one. Sorry, No Mask Allowed.”

I get the idea behind the ban - very apparent that this bar HATES masks and anyone wearing them. Hate may actually be an understatement, but does that mean it's a good idea? You mean to tell me that this business is just gonna turn someone down because they're wearing a mask? That is literally the complete opposite of almost every other business on earth. 

The bananas part about it all is that this fucking bar - that was just shut down for weeks, didn't make money - is being all particular about who they let into their bar. Honestly, how can you even fucking care? If the masks are such an inconvenience to these bar owners, wouldn't it just make more sense to make them optional? That way, you maximize who comes and who doesn't, instead of just alienating an entire group of potential customers. It seems kind of like a no brainer for this guy, but what do I know. 

You can obviously tell that the owner tried on a mask of sorts, absolutely hated it, then started his vendetta against the masks. He probably threw a massive fit, just like the other people who are too cool to put on a fucking mask and feel the need to make a big deal about it just for the sake of being difficult. In reality, it's just not that hard to do. Like just put on a mask and stop playing hero ball for two seconds.

It's almost to the point where people think that everyone likes putting on a mask to be able to go out. Spoiler alert, no one likes wearing a mask, that's why no one did it pre-coronavirus ya big dummy. If someone said "alright guys, we're all set on the masks. You're good to throw them away forever", 99.9%* of human beings would hop up and throw their mask away gladly.

*.01% of humans probably wore a mask of sorts before this pandemic thing happened.

This just seems like one of those lose-lose scenarios. The owner loses because he looks like one of those looney bins who thinks that this is all just some scam set up by the government. He also loses because he literally loses customers by banning people with masks on! That part just makes me laugh out loud. This guy HATES people in masks, can't even stand to look at them to the point that he vanquished them from his bar. Thankfully, the bar still has everyone social distance so it's not just like they don't think the coronavirus is a threat. They just hate masks.

PS- on a very honest note, how long do you think this guy has been waiting to declare no mask? Has to be since before states opened back up, no? Would explain why he kind of blew his load on the whole "masks are banned" train.