In An Upset Of The Century, Nikola Jokic Is Looking Skinny As Hell During Quarantine

Ummmmmm what am I looking at right here? Are we saying this is in fact a new picture and not some sort of old photo or one that has been blessed by photoshop? When this whole hiatus first started and you were asked to list who you thought would come back fat as hell and out of shape, how high was Jokic on your list? Had to be within the first three names. Well egg on our collective faces because if I'm to believe that man is actually Nikola Jokic, I think this is the best he's ever looked. I mean that's a completely different person and if I were a Nuggets fan right now I would LOVE my chances in whatever playoff format we end up getting. It's pretty glaring what a difference an in shape Jokic makes, just look at his production this season. When he started the year and was fat and out of shape after playing in FIBA, he struggled

October: 15/11/6.4 on 47/21%

November: 15.8/10.0/5.8 on 45/23%

But then he played his way into shape and became that MVP caliber player we were used to

December: 20.8/9.4/7.4 on 54/39%

January: 23.4/10.3/6.5 on 51/36%

February: 25.5/10.0/7.2 on 64/35%

He pretty much admitted it at the All Star break

So I would say him looking trim as hell is a pretty huge development in the Nuggets quest for a title. He's their most important player by far, and if the Nuggets are going to get more of a Dec-Feb Jokic than a Oct-Nov Jokic, I don't see how that doesn't change things. I bet there were teams out there that were foaming at the mouth to play the Nuggets post hiatus because they were banking on their franchise player being fat as shit. Well now it's the exact opposite. Let's say things stay how they are seeded and DEN plays HOU. James Harden was also someone who everyone thought would be fat as shit during this hiatus and he looks skinny as hell too

With two in shape superstars, that series at least to me just became a whole lot more interesting. Remember when Jokic played like 69 minutes in that game against POR last year? Well how long can an in shape Jokic play. He might never have to come off the floor which is huge for DEN. So congratulations to Jokic on the upset of the century. I can't imagine there was a single person that saw this coming and if this is a trend where everyone is actually going to not just be 100% healthy but also in the best shape of their life, these playoffs are going to be incredible. Now we just wait for our first look at guys like Embiid and Zion, the next two guys on the list. Be a real shame if they weren't in shape. 


A skinny Jokic, who knew!