Wake Up With Hakeem The Dream Putting David Robinson In A Blender

Last week we have the anniversary of the brutal Rockets/Warriors Game 7, you know the one where they choked and blew a double digit lead while also missing 27 straight threes for a chance to go to the Finals. I felt a little bad about that because I certainly don't like my own personal sports wounds rehashed, so today we're going on the opposite end of the spectrum. Remember when Hakeem Olajuwon straight up manhandled David Robinson on their path to back to back titles? I mean holy shit. When your "worst" performance is a 20/14 outing, I'd say that's pretty good.

I feel like outside of Rockets fans, when talking about the all time greats Hakeem Olajuwon doesn't get mentioned enough. ESPN had him 12th, behind Kobe. I'm not sure there was a more talented big on both ends of the floor than Hakeem back in the day. It's not just the Dream Shake, but the blocks and rim protection too. This is a man that went up against Prime Shaq and not only came out alive, but often times won. You saw those highlights in '95, that's against the MVP!

Let us all dominate our week like Hakeem dominated David Robinson and the Spurs in that WCF. What a beast.