Maine Football Rejecting This Unit Wearing No. 69 Is The Worst Decision In The History Of Decision Making

I'm a schedule poster aficionado. That's just what happens when you go to Kentucky and follow the hockey team. They have perhaps the most known schedule poster with Ashley Judd rocking the hockey sweater. 

They dropped a Kindley Myers one recently too

But this Maine poster? I've never seen a more rigged election. How does this guy not win? You have the belly out, the No. 69, the athletic one-handed catch. It's perfection. Especially when this won

I'm sorry but the point won? Something smells fishy here. Yeah, I get that Maine is cold and you're playing into the snow here, but this is bullshit. Let the big dog eat. Until the Internet bullies Maine into releasing the 69 poster, they are banned from the NCAA. I don't make the rules, I just enforce them here.