Lil Sasquatch of Barstool Sports

Hello Everyone. Today I will be introducing myself. 

Most likely if you are reading this you either are already following me on social media or you have absolutely no idea who I am and are just a fan of Barstool. Well, I am Harry, I am 19, and I go by "Lil Sasquatch" on social media. I've been posting jokes and videos on twitter for about five years now and I dabble on Tik Tok as well. Over the last five years i've gained a good sized following which eventually happened to get the attention of Barstool. 

About a month ago a Barstool employee contacted me on twitter asking what my plans were for the future and eventually asked if I'd be interested in working for Barstool. This was honestly a complete surprise to me and probably the best thing that could've happened to me at 19 after just being sent home from college halfway through freshman year because of the coronavirus. Basically to make a long story short, I am moving to New York city and becoming a full time Barstool Employee for the next year. 

I am extremely excited to start working and having my full focus be on creating content for you guys. I'm not really too sure what i'll end up creating over the next year but i'm hoping to pump out a lot of videos because that's my favorite thing to make. 

Here are some of my favorite videos i've made just to give you guys an idea:

Thank you for reading, I hope you all enjoyed and I am very excited to officially be joining the Barstool team!