Spurs Guard Lonnie Walker Cleans Up Graffiti, Hands Out Water in San Antonio Following Protests

Obviously I don’t think anybody needs much of a refresher of what has been going on in cities across this country the last few days. And I don’t really want to wade into that much other than to point out cool stuff people like Lonnie Walker have done to help their communities in the aftermath of protests.

Something as simple as helping clean up graffiti goes such a long way in a time when everyone just wants to see people wherever they’re from helping others and being united on some front.

The Spurs seem to have a pretty good group of guys between Walker volunteering his time to do this and Dejounte Murray playing basketball with some kids in his neighborhood. We could all use a little bit more of acts like that right now.

Good for Walker for doing something he didn’t have to do to help out his community. Hopefully we see more things like this in the aftermath of what we’ve seen the last week.