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German Soccer Fans Put On A Wild Firework Display Outside Of The Team Hotel Before The First Game Back Because Soccer Fans Are Incredible

Goddamn I love soccer fans. This isn't even the top league in Germany, this is a club in Bundesliga II. You think their fans care? Nope. We think we take sports seriously over here in the States. We talk about the 12th Man in Seattle, Alabama football fans, Kentucky hoops fans, Cameron Crazies, whatever. Nothing compares to soccer fans in Europe and I mean nothing compares to soccer fans in Europe. 

Dynamo Dresden restarted its season today after being pushed back again after a team member tested positive for coronavirus. This is outside of THEIR hotel. Typically you see soccer fans going to other team hotels in the middle of the night and firing shit off to keep them awake. Nope, here you're getting fired up with a firework display and a sign that says Together Against the Rest of the World. How do you not get fired up seeing that? Feel like you're going to want to start playing in the middle of the night. 

Somehow it didn't work though. They lost 2-0. No idea how, feel like you have to win after that sort of display from fans. 

Still the GOAT fireworks scene in a movie: