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Jaylen Brown Drove 15 Hours To Lead A Peaceful Protest Today In Atlanta

For those of us who follow the Celtics and Jaylen Brown, this is nothing new. As awesome as he may be on the court, it's what he continues to do off it that makes him so special. It's not just the statement he made the other day

but his willingness to act and stand up for what he believes in. Most importantly, to do it peacefully. Remember during his draft when there were "reports" that his intelligence was a negative? That it was a red flag that he had interests outside of basketball? That was weird. He's showing a form of leadership at the age of 23 that we all need right now during this crazy time. While he's certainly not the only athlete speaking up, it's pretty cool to see him take action like this. He's doing his part and using his celebrity to help cause change in a peaceful effective manner. I think that's pretty cool.  

I truly believe Jaylen is going to save the world one day. At the very least he'll be President if he wants it. I just know that whatever he accomplishes on the court over the course of his career won't even come close to what he is able to achieve off it. A true role model by every definition of the term.