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Jamahal Hill Is Going To Be A PROBLEM For The UFC Light Heavyweight Division

Shiiiiet! That's a pretty rough day at the office for Klidson Abreu, Jamahal Hill's biggest challenge to date, who he just fuckin DECIMATED inside one round!

Hill stuck him and dropped him right off the bat....

....and then it didn't take long at all for him to get the job done - which he'd do with a knee to the liver, keeping his undefeated streak in-tact. DC let him know in his post-fight interview that Halle Berry texted Dana White after his fight and called him FIRE....

….so that's gotta be as good as another win altogether, as well.

I think Hill is gonna be a serious problem at 205lbs, and I sure hope that's the case, because he favorites my tweets sometimes and that's dope. War Hill!

P.S. We've seen 4 finishes in 4 fights so far tonight. Long live the small cage!