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For As Weird As 2020 Is, There's One Feeling Of Normalcy: The Knicks Aren't Expected To Be Invited To Play In The NBA Restart

[Source] - Sources tell ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, Ramona Shelburne, and Zach Lowe that the NBA Board of Governors is expect to take vote on Thursday and approve Adam Silver's plans for a 20-22 team restart of the season in Orlando. 

If this is indeed the scenario, then only teams with some realistic chance of a playoff spot would come back into action, meaning the Knicks (21-45) would likely not be included.

Annndddd there's the normalcy I was looking for! The Knicks not making an expanded playoffs just feels right. That's how I know the world is starting to get back to normal. It would have been weird watching the Knicks play in some weird World Cup style or play-in Tournament with an actual (LOL, I'm a Knicks fan and laughing at this) chance to make the playoffs. 

I know it feels like it's been dragging on and I'm a bit surprised that there hasn't been a plan set in motion yet, but it sounds like we're close. It sounds like the plan is to invite 20-22 teams - whatever it takes to get Zion there. 

Remember there is an important number here too. 70 games. That's the number teams need for regional network payouts. I'm not quite sure how a World Cup pool play setting would go towards that or if it would count, etc. But I love the idea of the World Cup pool play. Draw them into pools, round robin and the top-2 from each pool advance. Obviously you 'seed' them so the Lakers and Bucks wouldn't be in the same pool. 

But more importantly as a Knicks fan I want to know how the NBA Draft is going to work. It's been reported that the Draft now seems to be likely pushed back to September. But how does the lottery work? If there are 20-22 teams going to this Orlando restart session, will the ping pong balls be distributed differently? I need to know how the Knicks can land LaMelo Ball or Anthony Edwards. 

But rest easy tonight everyone. As weird as the world currently is and as weird as 2020 is, the Knicks still aren't making an expanded playoff.