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Watch This Fighter Chop His Opponent Down Like A Tree For The 10th Leg Kick TKO In UFC History

Jersey City's own Chris Gutierrez just KICKED OFF 'UFC Fight Night: Woodley vs Burns' in tremendous fashion, with an incredibly dominant victory over Vince Morales. 

See what I did there? 'KICKED OFF'? Classic.

Anyway, this was a tough one to watch. Morales' legs just couldn't take the damage at all from the start and it caused him to drop time and time again with each and every kick...

...and I winced harder by the second, just thinking about how bad a skateboard to the skin hurts.

Eventually the fight was called over one of those leg kicks, making this only the tenth leg kick TKO in company history, and that's also just a shitty stat to be on the losing end of. You've got fucked up legs and you're the guy who just got kicked til he couldn't stand anymore.

Also, I got a shoutout on the broadcast! Like a verbal shoutout! 

I geeked the hell out at that. Thanks to Brendan Fitzgerald (who's an awesome guy and a Stoolie) for droppin that in there.