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Getting to the Bottom of This Fake News Food Map

When I see any map like this, obviously my eyes go to where I'm from, like anybody else. So I look at Georgia and Tennessee, the two places I've lived other than New York. Tennessee's favorite fast food establishment being Chick-fil-A is certainly correct, as is the case for the entire South.

But then I look at Georgia — the birthplace of Chick-fil-A and Zaxby's, two of America's finest establishments — and see some place I've never even heard of before called MOD Pizza. And these guys are all over the map. If there's any subject I'm qualified to speak on, it's fast food and I can promise you if I haven't heard of a place, it's not the favorite restaurant of a quarter of this country.

I went to their website and there are all of seven locations in Georgia, only one of which is outside of metro Atlanta. So there is some chicanery afoot with this map. Nobody in Georgia even knows what this place is. I am only left to assume MOD Pizza paid for this publicity stunt and I suppose it worked, given all the attention they've received today.

Shoutout to Missouri and Alaska, though. Raising Cane's is the only chicken establishment in this country worthy of being mentioned alongside Chick-fil-A and Zaxby's. And Tim Horton's quickly became a favorite of mine while the Wolfpack trekked across Canada. I don't know why Timmy's has not ventured very much into the lower 48, but I always get some Timbits anytime I happen to be in Penn Station.

Anyway, nobody knows what MOD Pizza is and they do not speak for the state of Georgia.