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Friday Favorites! Vol 5

We did it! We made it to another Friday and for that, we deserve to celebrate. Let's take a look at some of my favorite tweets from the week (5/22-5/29):

  • This will be in your head for hours. I'm sorry.
  • I've laughed at this for well over 24 hours:
  • A man with his priorities in order:
  • This is really how it is. Wow!
  • NORE couldn't believe it
  • Great frames on Nick
  • You can guarantee there will probably be Batman Slander here weekly:
  • Gone too soon
  • If you told a 5 year old me that Mike Tyson would one day struggle to tear a t-shirt, I simply would not have believed you
  • A great thread to get lost in:

That'll do it for this week. Do one thing you enjoy this weekend.