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Shaun White's Accomplishments: X-Games Gold Medalist, Olympic Gold Medalist, Started Dating Nina Dobrev In Quarantine

Shout out Shaun White man. After Tony Hawk he was the face of the X-Games. The dude has lived a hell of a life, becoming the best Winter X-Games contestant (at least I'm assuming so). He's won gold medals at the Olympics and at the X-Games. The dude has made a ton of money. Not that bad of a life if you ask me. 

But now? Now he decided to go 'official' with Nina Dobrev. Now obviously they were dating before this quarantine, but announcing that you're officially dating someone like Nina Dobrev in the middle of a pandemic is a hell of a move. It's like being the first guy to land the frontside heelflip 540 body variation (thanks Wikipedia). Why do I say that? Because Nina Dobrev is pretty, pretty good looking. 

She's got a little Sloan from Entourage look to her. Plus Nina Dobrev is just a hot name. Like you're guaranteed to be good looking with a name like that. That said if I knew she was cutting hair during this, I would have asked her politely for a trim instead of just completely shaving my head bald. Although I can't snowboard so I don't know if she would have said yes. 

Either way, good for Shaun White.