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What Are You Doing On July 31st? Sounds Like It Might Be Watching NBA Basketball

I believe we call this progress! These are the types of Shams bombs I can get behind, anything that keeps us trucking towards a return is exactly what my eyeballs want to read. The picture is starting to become more clear, and while the official format is still up in the air, this potential July 31st date is the first time during this entire hiatus that we actually have a concrete target date being mentioned. Notice the wording in that tweet though, this is "a" target date. Doesn't it mean it can't be pushed back but I'm going to leave that negativity for someone else. 

July 31st is only 63 days from today. We're on Day 79-80 with no basketball depending on when your favorite team played last, so 63 days at least to me ain't shit. I can knock that out no problem. It just feels great to actually have a date to count down from because at times it's felt like this hiatus would go on forever. I don't even remember April. Can't confirm that it even happened. It's already practically June so I'm not totally sure what happened to May either. I suppose that's the beauty of quarantine brain and why I'm not even sweating 63 more days. It's going to go by in a blink of an eye. 

In terms of the competition scenarios, I think we land on the 22 option. Gives everyone some games to determine seeding, not just for the bubble teams but also seeds 2-7 and then that play in tournament for the bubble teams. I just hope someone like DAL isn't included in that because they were 7 games clear of 8th. Let MEM/SAC/SA/POR figure their shit out, but in my opinion the Mavs shouldn't potentially be penalized for being 40-27. 

I'm now addicted to positive Shams/Woj bombs. That's where I am in life. It's not great, but this positive news that keeps coming is like a drug and this is me

Haven't felt a rush like this when my phone vibrated since the trade deadline in February. Feels great to be back. Stuff like this is so close to being back in our lives again. What a Friday!