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STUDY: Ancient Israelites Used To Smoke A Shit Ton Of Weed In Ceremonies

(DM)--Worshippers at a Jewish temple dating back more than 2,700 years likely smoked cannabis during cultic ceremonies, ancient Israeli limestone reveals.

Analysis of material on two Iron Age altars, discovered at the entrance to a shrine in Israel, were found to contain cannabis, as well as frankincense. 

Renowned as one of the gifts brought by the Three Wise Men, the aromatic resin was regularly burned by priests during ancient ceremonial rituals. 

But the presence of cannabis suggests the use of a deliberate psychoactive, to stimulate ecstasy as part of esoteric ceremonies.

The Chosen Ones. The people who, in a sense, set the moral authority for the entire world for like the last 3000 years probably did it while hot boxing their entire temple. I love stories like this. I am not a big weed guy myself, but it is crazy to me that we banned a substance for like legit 100 years all over the world that we have been using for...forever? It seems like there was never a time when people weren't tripping balls. I've seen things from scientists and researchers saying that one of the reasons humans broke off from chimps was because we started scavenging for food and stumbled on psychoactive mushrooms and that let us do things like think in geometry and develop advanced language skills. There's speculation that Moses's burning bush was actually weed or a plant with DMT.

I can picture The Three Wiseman being just a group of stoners. They get super high, as was custom, and they start walking towards Bethlehem. They stumble on Mary and Joseph with their little bastard baby in manger and try to decide if they should help them. 

Wise Guy 1: I think we should give them some help. They just had a baby. Let's give them our frankincense, maybe some myrrh, and a little bud. 

Wise Guy 2: Dude, WHAT? Fuck them. Let's keep walking. I'm too high to talk to people right now and deal with a baby

Wise Guy 1: Come on, man. They need help. What would God want us to do for that baby?

Wise Guy 3: Yo...(long pause)...What if that baby IS God?

And boom, Christianity was born and changed the world forever just because three dudes got way too high and saw some random ass baby as they walked around at night. Something to think about. Maybe get high this weekend and think about it.