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The Boston Celtics Are Finally Going To Be Allowed To Practice!!

Now this is what I'm talking about! As more and more states around the country were going this route and allowing their professional sports teams to get back to training/practice, Massachusetts was one of the last states to give the go ahead. With the NHL and NBA returning before we know it, having the Celts and Bruins unable to start to shake the cobwebs off was a little concerning while their competition got back to work. Any sort of competitive advantage matters at a time like this, so it's great to see that my beloved Celtics can get back in the gym and start getting shots up/back in shape. 

Obviously it won't be the same normal practices and training that I'm sure they are used to as they follow all the safety precautions, but whatever it's better than nothing. We now no longer need to worry that guys like Tatum aren't using their new hoop or guys aren't working out because they didn't have access to their facility. I'll admit, the lack of social media videos we've seen of Celts players putting in work was a little concerning. We had Jaylen putting in work with his grandfather

but that was about it for the most part. I'm not sure what this means for guys like Tatum who last I checked were in Orlando, but I'm going to need everyone back in Boston immediately. Now that the ban has been lifted it's time to get to work and make sure everyone is ready for the league's pending return. Given this team's injury history this season, I'm 1000% worried about a pulled hammy or something along those lines. I'm worried that Kemba's knee is going to act up again after the layoff. How will Hayward's foot respond? These are the things that keep me up at night, so knowing they can officially get back into their facility is a relief. 

The return to basketball is a long journey, but this is the first step. It's about damn time.