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Melvin Gordon: Chargers 'Didn't Have Fans Anyway'

If any NFL players need advice on what playing football games in front of no fans could look like, just ask anybody who's played for the Los Angeles Chargers in the last few years.

I would say what an epic burn this is for Chargers fans, but as Melvin Gordon pointed out, there really aren't very many of them anyway. Although, he's really incorrect in saying they didn't play in front of anybody. There usually were some fans at Chargers home games, they were just those of the visiting team.

It honestly must be pretty demoralizing to be on a team that goes from a beloved franchise in San Diego to playing 16 road games a year all because the decision makers just had to be in Los Angeles. The Rams have picked up at least what seems to be a respectable fanbase again, but there is absolutely no reason for two football teams to be in L.A.

And in the new SoFi Stadium, the Chargers can't even hide behind that sorry excuse for a soccer stadium anymore. When opposing fanbases come to Los Angeles, they will do so in droves.

Maybe Gordon will finally get to experience his team's fanbase at a Chargers game when his Broncos visit L.A. on December 27.