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Bruce Pearl Wants To Bring Athletes Back To College Campuses First To Do 'Some Trial And Some Errors'

Listen this is all fine and dandy, if we finally stop pretending athletes are student-athletes first. Arguably more than anything with this coronavirus and college athletics is the argument of amateurism coming up. It's been said multiple times but if a college President rules that it's not safe for students to be on campus, how can a game happen with said students? 

Sure you can say they are on scholarship and how great that is. It's true. Scholarships are great. But if that's your reasoning for bringing back college athletes, why not bring back other people on scholarship? There are full rides for education, music, etc. Why not talk about bringing them back for some trial and errors? 

Ultimately, it comes down to this. If (I'm stressing if here) there ends up being no students on campus you can't have college sports without dropping amateurism. It'll be the death of amateurism. It'll just expose to those holding on to the last straw that these kids are moneymakers for the school. That's why you have to let them make money on name, image and likeness without guardrails. I know it's impossible since the NCAA can't just do anything correct without fucking it up, but drop those stupid guardrails. 

I don't even blame Bruce Pearl for saying this. He's trying to protect his job. I get that. He wants his guys on campus so he can get some practices in and integrate a guy like Sharife Cooper into the system. But let's not pretend like it's anything more than this. Pearl knows his job is to win games. He needs guys on campus for that. He wants to be as prepared as possible for the season. My point is this just further proves how much of a joke amateurism as it's currently laid out is. 

PS: Every once in a while I remember how Aaron Craft going to a barbecue fucked Tennessee and led to Pearl getting let go there and laugh. Such an outrageous combo.