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Everybody Gets Washed Out Eventually

Hello everyone, back for another Token CEO blog. Another week down. Two In the books. Who would've thought.

On today's episode, Erika talked to CNBC journalist Becky Quick. They talked about the stock market, Quick's personal journey and a ton of other stuff that made me feel like I'm really not working hard enough and should probably put my foot on the gas a bit more often. 

One major point that stuck out to me was the conversation around how no one is going to love their job every single day. I have been blessed to now be in my fourth professional job I have really enjoyed. I loved teaching, Sports Illustrated was fun until it wasn't, the XFL was a goddamn blur, but a great ride and I love what I am doing here. I know this is not the reality for a ton of people, and that my worst days at some of these places would be other people's best days at their own, I am not blind to that. I think the overarching point here extends beyond you individual profession and the day-to-day slog. It is human nature to get used to a situation and immediately find flaws and want more, that is the opposite of complacency. Allowing yourself some place for complaining is where you start to change and do anything to improve your current situation.

Similar to Barbara Corcoran last week talking about how she still lacks confidence even with the amount of success she has. There is a theme here: successful people like Corcoran and Quick are never going to be fully satisfied because full satisfaction leads to complacency and that is where progress ends. Now, I don't blame you if you read this and say "fuck off your job is to tweet and blog." I understand how fortunate I am to be in this situation, but it is important to remember the grass is always greener as well.

I know I always take solace in listening to successful people talk about how they still don't have everything figured out, and that they are still looking for more, growing. This episode today is an example of that. Also, Quick provides some awesome stonks advice, and that never hurt anyone either.

See you all next week.

Listen to today's episode here: