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Nicki Minaj Unleashed Her Gigantic Ass On Stage At Her Show In Ireland

Cant think of a better venue for Nicki Minaj to unveil her gargantuan dumper than on the Emerald Isle. I mean 99% of the guys from Ireland have never even seen an ass that comes close to the size of Nicki Minaj’s. Its like showing them a unicorn. Or I guess the more appropriate comparison would be a minotaur. You take the last 5 asses an Irish guy has had sex with and it still wouldn’t add up to the size of Nicki’s. Personally its a little too big for me, but that doesnt mean I can respect the sheer size she brings to the table. The scale of that ass is just awe inspiring. You’d have to imagine any Irish fellas in the crowd last night were just humbled by this unveiling. Add up 5 Irish dicks and you still wouldnt have one big enough to penetrate Nicki Minaj through her butt cheeks defenses.