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Wake Up Wishing You Were Younger With Twenty-One By Corey Smith

Give you both the live and music video option here.

One of my favorite musicians and songs of all-time really hits home today. Why you might ask? Well it's Friday and that used to mean a different thing before having a kid. But also the fact that today is round 2 of the Barstool Ballina Cup Pong Tournament and I go up against Pat at 2:45. There may not have been an age I played more pong than when I was 21. Just feels right to get in the mood of being 12 years younger by listening to this. I'll say this about the song, it really hits home now, especially towards the end of the song. Whenever I head back to campus for a game and then head out to the bars not only do I feel old, but my favorite conversations starts with I remember when. It's the perfect line. Don't get me wrong there are better ages to be than 21, but senior year of college is one of the greatest times of your life no doubt about it. Have a Friday y'all.