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MLB Network Announces They're Going To Air 64 Straight Hours Of Derek Jeter Games Starting Tomorrow And I Love How Angry It's Making Everyone

Tomorrow MLB Network will being to air a Derek Jeter marathon consisting of 64 consecutive hours. 13 games in a row of The Captain. I for one don't care too much since I'm sick and tired of watching old games. I just can't do it anymore. I'm sure at some point in the 64 hour stretch I'll tune in, but I'm not going to grab a front row seat with some adderral to watch it all in one sitting. 64 hours is a hilarious number. 

What I do love about this is how triggered the thought of old Derek Jeter games makes people. The flip, Mr. 3000, Mr. November, the dive into the stands, the final walk off, etc. Every moment just makes non-Yankees fans want to die and I eat it all up. The first thing I thought about when I saw Rosenthal's tweet was Jared Carrabis' blood boiling to the point that maybe his body would stop functioning. Boy one can dream! That dip shit has spent more time digging up Derek Jeter stats during this break than talking about the current Red Sox team.  Now to be fair I wouldn't want to talk about the 2020 Sox either with the garbage they have lined up for their fans, but Jared has clearly lost his mind in Jeter land. Trying to convince himself that Nomar was better even though he only played for like five years because his steroid filled body couldn't take it anymore. Oh but but but his defensive runs saved! He didn't need to dive! His World Series homer barely cleared the fence! Eat shit and give me a break. Here's how he and the rest of Twitter are handling this Jeter marathon. 

Incredible. Your hate gives me strength. There will be twitter threads, reddit threads, and dozens of articles written based on cherry picked stats people dug up just to slander his name. Why? Because he won with the Yankees. People just can't get by that fact and it's awesome. Jeter anger is like no other. 

That all being said, please for the love of god make a deal so we can do 64 straight hours of live baseball instead. I can't do this old shit anymore. Jeter forever, but give me the real thing. I'm begging you.