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Damian Lillard Buried Dan Orlovsky On Twitter After He Called Him A "Spoiled And Entitled Brat" For Potentially Sitting Out

Live look at Dame after he sent that tweet

God do I love Twitter sometimes. Despite it being mostly a terrible place that will probably be the downfall of society, this is one example of why it's fantastic. You want to chirp an athlete? Prepare for them to give it right back to you on a public forum. I think it's pretty ridiculous to call Dame a "spoiled and entitled brat" because of what he said a few days ago about not playing again if the Blazers don't have a legit shot at competing for a playoff spot. We see that shit all the time in a normal season when teams are mathematically eliminated, star players sit. 

In my blog from Tuesday I understood why he felt that way, but at the same time it's not like a lot of the Blazers struggles weren't self inflicted. A beyond terrible 11-23 road record, no defense whatsoever, they had their opportunity to get into the top 8 in the West. If you missed it, this was Orlovsky's rant

I mean that analogy is completely bonkers. We're talking about sports! How can a person compare that to frontline workers? Woof city. Dame potentially sitting out meaningless games doesn't make him spoiled or entitled. He's coming off a goin injury and is the most important player the Blazers have. If they are playing for nothing then why force it? 

Would Zion be spoiled and entitled if he didn't play? Or DeRozan/Aldridge? De'Aaron Fox? The more you think about that take the worse it gets and good for Dame for calling this dude out. Wouldn't shock me if he finds a way to drop a diss track as well since we all have nothing else to do. 

I'm someone who hopes Dame plays no matter what because I enjoy watching him. You know the league will find a way to figure something out with those 4 bubble teams out West, because things are better when guys like Dame/Zion/etc are playing. But if they don't and he sits out? Who cares. If I were a Blazers fan that's exactly what I would want to happen. Dame, CJ, Collins, Nurkic, sit em all and be ready for next season.