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Is Being Proudly "Anti-Loadout" In Call of Duty: Warzone The Dumbest Thing You've Ever Heard?

Yesterday, I was playing some Call of Duty: Warzone with "The General" Smitty, Glenny Balls, and Big Tennessee on Twitch, and we came across a disgraceful act of selfishness from within that can't go unspoken about here on the I'm gonna talk about it.

Allow me to explain a few things very quickly here for the non-gamers so you all understand just how heinous this crime was:

-In Call of Duty: Warzone, everyone parachutes down into the map without any weapons, perks, or anything at all, really. You have to find stuff on the ground, loot buildings, and really just scour the map for whatever - but most players (I would say 99.99999%) prefer to get their "loadout" as soon as possible. 

-A "loadout" is just a fancy word for your own personal class that you would use for any other multiplayer match - guns that you're used to, (very important) perks that will give you clear advantages over players without them, equipment you've unlocked throughout the game - things of that nature. 

-You can find "loadout drops" in various spots in the map, or buy your own for $10,000 in-game dollars.

I'm really not that good at Warzone, and haven't been playing for very long at all, but even I know this - loadouts are absolutely ESSENTIAL for oodles of reasons.

Well, Big T not only considers himself to be an "anti-loadout" guy, but when we found ourselves in a spot where we could put our money together to buy one of those loadout drops yesterday, what did he do?! Bought himself a buncha shit and refused to chip in to help us (HIS TEAM) out!

What the fuck Big T!?! We're trying to get dubs here! Listen to the anger in Smitty/Balls' voices, and the disappointment in mine!

You think Wayne Gretzky switched up his stick brand every other game? You think Ken Griffey Jr used to step up to the plate with a different size bat every night? Of course not! Even worse, though, this is like if they DID, but also then robbed their own equipment rooms mid-game so their team would have to do the same. What the fuck was that?!?! I feel like I'm taking crazy pills here!

No dubs were gotten by that crew yesterday. 

Shocking, I know. Hopefully we've got one coming soon. Honk and I are REEEEAAAALLY due for one with 10+ hours of teaming without a single victory. 

In the meantime, though, go home and getcha fuckin shinebox loadout, Big T.