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A Danish Soccer Team Put 10,000 Fans On A Zoom Call Throughout The Stadium For Their First Game Back

[Source] - In early May, the club began offering “tickets” to its first game back, a rescheduled rivalry match against Randers FC on Thursday. The tickets, which are free, will get you a Zoom link and a rotating spot on a 44-yard-long sideline video board. When players take the field, they’ll see your face and hear your voice. Fans will watch on TVs at home. Players will feel their support at Ceres Park.

Oh hell yeah this is what I'm talking about. This is how Zoom should actually be used. Can't actually go to the stadium for a rivalry match, let me hop on and talk over 10,000 other people. We've seen soccer stadiums do a bunch of different shit to try and figure out how to make the no fans normal. We saw the Bundesliga play with piped in noise, the cutouts at games, there is a chance the EPL could play where there's an app that lets fans boo or cheer from home. But this? This is genius. 

It actually looks pretty dope too

Oh and they tied it up in the 92nd minute. You can actually see some celebrations in the background on the Zoom calls and the cheering: 

This is way better than people paying for their face on cutouts at games. You actually are close enough to make noise and it sounds natural. Granted there's probably at least one person there that has no idea how Zoom works and is confused the entire time, it actually works here. That's a 44-yard screen too. If we can't have fans at sporting events in America when they start up, imagine this at Jerry World. You could fill that shit with people on a Zoom call and have some noise. 

PS: The dude drinking the beer is the best person on the Zoom call.